Bass house producer BROSIK remixes 32Stitches new single, ‘Fallout’(Free Download)


Mumbai-based electronic and future bass producer 32Stitches has shared the BROSIK remix of his dog-loving anthem, ‘Fallout.’
BROSIK’s remix of 32Stitches’ ‘Fallout’ adds low-frequency intensity to the already popular future-bass track. BROSIK’s version is easily some of his best work as the ‘Fallout’ remix is set to be a staple of any bass-house playlist. The drop hits hard and unexpected as the wobble bass offers a release to the ever growing synth in the throughout the back of the mix. Not to be outdone by BROSIK’s already stellar first drop, the second time it comes round it surprises yet again as the bass dips lower with a brand new experience. Complimented by a playfully high-pitched rhythm, it is clear that this rendition is made with one singular goal in mind; getting feet on the dancefloor.

32Stitches says of the inspiration behind the track, “This track’s story is shown as the relationship between myself and my dog and how we have been there for each other through thick and thin.
Download here