Synapson unveil sequel video and continue the ‘Hide Away’ story with ‘Build Me Up’


Synapson’s ‘Hide Away’ caused a buzz in the UK with a massive dance anthem quality and instantly effortless French funk vibe combined with a suitably risqué video. The video featured a crazed girl making out with just about everyone in a neon drenched diner, including some mad pickle action. Now in the sequel video for the French duo’s new single ‘Build Me Up’, we learn that the girl was in fact hallucinating and seeing her crush everywhere in the diner- the story continues.

‘Build Me Up’ is another exciting slice of Synapson’s new album ‘Super 8’ (out now on Parlophone France) which is a wall to wall electro-pop masterpiece encompassing many tasty flavours from latin to street to retro. SUPER 8 brings the duo’s French touch with an alluring international cast including Mai-Lan from the M83 ‘s fame, Australia’s Holly (from Archive), UK’s Kaleem Taylor and L Marshall, Idyllwild (CA)’s Casey Abrams, Miami-born, Paris-based rapper Beat Assailant, Jamaica-born, South East London-based Taneisha Jackson, French fellows Tim Dup, Tessa B. and Blasé (from Haute duo) and Senegalese singer/songwriter Lass among others.