Pictures share “Roll Up” ( video)


Embracing Songwriter-Rock – soaked in blood, sweat and tears“, that’s how the sound of “Promise”, PICTURES’ 2017 debut album, has been sharply described. ROLL UP is the name of the new single, which is getting ready to shake off the rather serious moments of the first album in a powerful and melodic way, to give the cold shoulder to the cold season and to blow away the snowstorms with its latest hymnic pop creation.

Like the debut album “Promise”, ROLL UP presents itself as a timeless work, in love with details and infatuated with the classical sound of earlier times. The musical role models of PICTURES are unmistakable, but the quartet brings the dynamic momentum of the slowly fading decade into wonderful harmony with the UK sound of the past and yet so present rock epochs. “Roll Up To The Hill / Roll Up To The Sky” – the fact that singer Maze Exler writes such a hopeful song as ROLL UP is anything but self-evident when looking into his personal history.

Already in the late nineties the four musicians of PICTURES were all dedicated to rock – musically and personally. Singer Maze and drummer Michael, accompanied by friend and sound engineer Ole (now guitarist of PICTURES), were on their way to the big stages of this world with their band Union Youth, but then struggled with the unsteady rhythm of their life as musicians. Maze struggled the hardest – after his time with Union Youth he had to face his heroin addiction. The documentary film “Könige der Welt” by Christian von Brockhausen and Timo Großpietsch, which premiered last year at the 67th Berlinale film festival, tells the story of Maze’s personal fate and the story of the band PICTURES and will be on TV and available digitally at the beginning of 2019 after the big international summer tour through the most relevant film festivals and cinemas.