Maxwell debuts video for “Shame” depicting black beauty

Maxwell has filmed a music video for his newest release, “Shame.” Opening with a view of the New York City skyline and models clad in sheer dark scarves, obscuring their faces from view, the video is a vibrant look into black beauty. A low hum sets the stage for this ground-breaking video that dives deep into historical context, popular culture and realities of love; an all star cast led by super model Maria Borgess, featuring Jeneil Williams, Achok Majak, Riley Montana, Sira Kant and Adonis Bosso as regal depictions of humans shedding their shame.

We wanted to celebrate beauty. Specifically the beauty of Black women. Black women – Black people – don’t see themselves heralded as a standard of beauty nearly enough in the media, especially in entertainment, high fashion and art. It’s getting better, but we still have so far to go,” Maxwell explains. “People of color have carried shame about our features, our hair, our bodies, our skin tone. As I said previously, this song is about removing the cloak of shame and opening up to love… including self-love and love of your culture. So we decided to pay homage to another beautiful video, George Michael’s iconic “Freedom” – but make it Black. The end result is gorgeous, powerful and stunning. This video is a love letter to my women of color. Feel no shame in your skin – you are beyond beautiful.