Introducing : Erika de Casier fuses G-Funk and golden era R&B on new single ‘Do My Thing'(video)

Released on her own Independent Jeep Music label, Copenhagen-based producer and songwriter Erika de Casier has just released the lo-fi visuals for her brand new single, ‘Do My Thing’. A catchy blend of 90’s G-funk and millenium R&B, the track is a carefree ode to doing things on your own terms no matter what’s going on around you.

Last year, Erika de Casier appeared on the electronic music scene when she featured on a 12” maxi-single called “Drive” with DJ Central and DJ Sports (Help, Regelbau). With her solo-project though, Erika goes in a different, but just as interesting direction. With her characteristic melancholic voice, she manages to express a deeper meaning even on tracks that are way more subtle in delivery than most.

“Do My Thing” comes with a personal, lo-fi homemade video that was made in collaboration with her friend, Catharina Stoltenberg (of Smerz). The video pictures Erika on a typical Copenhagen-bike ride to the club. When asked about the video, Erika says: “My whole life I’ve watched American hip hop videos where the main ingredients have typically been money, sex and fancy cars. Since there are some very clear G-funk references in “Do my Thing”, I wanted to make a classic rap video in my own style.

A completely singular talent all her own, with ‘Do My Thing’, Erika de Casier announces her arrival one the world stage. A subtle yet imaginative ode to the music she grew up with while expressing her personality in a truly unique way, ‘Do My Thing’ blends nostalgic elements while having its eye fixed firmly on contemporary sonics. With a debut project arriving in early 2019 and featuring ‘Do My Thing’ as well as previous singles ‘What u Wanna do?’ and ‘Intimate’, Erika de Casier is the future, and now’s the perfect time to get in tune with one of Europe’s finest emerging stars.