Sola shares debut EP, ‘Wealth Has Come’ + confirms headline show at Bermondsey Social Club on 5th December

London based producer and vocalist Sola shares her debut EP ‘Wealth Has Come’ ahead of London show at Bermondsey Social Club on 5th December 2018. Drawing from a broad palette of influences, including electronica, jazz, soul and R&B, ‘Wealth Has Come’ is an exceptional introduction to Sola – an artist who’s influence is genre-spanning and internationally influenced. Speaking on her music, Sola said: “The EP is about self-healing and coming to terms with my vulnerabilities. I isolated myself a lot when making it and am talking to myself throughout the lyrics about escapism, learning to be alone and liberating myself from my own mind and other people.

Sola’s unique vocal delivery feels timeless, inspired by the likes of Sade and Nina Simone spliced with experimental electronic sonics reminiscent of the likes of Burial or Arca. It’s this unique blend that makes Sola such an exciting prospect, both producing and providing vocals for the music she creates. ‘Save Yourself’ the beautifully shot visual follows on from the breathtaking “Sacrifice Me’ which featured an incredible video shot in location in Lagos, Nigeria. Watch here.

Having played classical piano since the age of 6, it wasn’t until she discovered the raw and unfiltered vocals of Nina Simone several years later that she grew the confidence to accept her own voice and start singing. After a four-year stint at the prestigious New York University, Sola started producing her own music. It was a time she found herself obsessed with Portishead, Massive Attack, and Burial, loving their darker, cinematic qualities and their ability to blur genres. It’s these influences that you can hear in her music today, which she affectionately titles ‘warped soul’. Inspired by Afrofuturism and Yoruba imagery, Sola is a musician with depth and integrity, determined to represent her Nigerian ancestry through her creativity and music.

With such an impactful debut EP under her belt, make way for Sola.

See Sola live at London’s Bermondsey Social Club on December 5th – tickets here.

Track Listing

Save Yourself
Wild Is The Wind
Sacrifice Me
In The Morning