Listen : SKOLES drops his new single “Berlin”

Today, SKOLES drops his new single, “Berlin,” via Stardog Records/Republic Records
“Berlin” follows the British singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist’s debut single, “Am I Going Too Crazy?.”

Written with multi-platinum selling songwriter Lindy Robbins, SKOLES explains the inspiration behind “Berlin,” saying, “I wrote the song in a place of massive uncertainty, as I’d essentially lived out of a suitcase for three years at this point. I kept saying that I wanted to run the fuck away from everyone and see what I felt like when I just STOPPED moving. The day I wrote this song, I almost called and cancelled the session with Lindy. As a songwriter, that’s like playing Madison Square Garden; you don’t cancel on Madison Square Garden. My producer, Ben Greenspan, was wearing this jacket that he got touring in Germany, and Lindy was just about to leave for a writing trip to Berlin. I listened to them talk about how amazing that city is, and I was like ‘oh shit, maybe I’ll go to Berlin.’ An hour later, we had this whole song based around this idea that I was going to disappear somewhere and not tell anyone. It’s a special song to me because it’s the literal version of that simple impulse to say ‘fuck this, I’m OUT.’”