Listen : L.A. Foster shares new track “Honestly”

It was during a multi-disciplinary performance in a Mexico City art show in February 2014 that the L.A. Foster project was born. Originally from Edmonton and now based in Montreal, Lesley Ann Foster has lived in many parts of the world, including Argentina, Chile and Mexico. It is specifically in Argentina that she learnt how to fluently speak Spanish and fully immersed herself in Latin America, a culture that has truly impacted and influenced her as an artist. She then moved to Montreal in 2009 and after many successful artistic collaborations (Mozart’s Sister), she launched her debut EP entitled Saudade in November 2015.

Her thoughts on “Honestly”:
‘Honestly’ just as the name of the song suggests, is about the raw truth. Having lived in many places far from where I was born has left me vulnerable, exposed, and at the mercy of others. In that experience, there has been a lot of darkness and of course much light.

‘Honestly’ is an ode to healing ourselves, loving ourselves, and fighting for our purest honest self and trying to maintain that through the harsh obstacles that we face in our lives. Feeling exposed and vulnerable, ‘Honestly’ affirms that I will not change the rawest form of myself. I feel like a lot of the hate, anger, and darkness comes from what we can do to ourselves.