Listen : Masked Wolf’s new single Vibin

After making a last-minute debut in 2018 with ‘Speed Racer’, Masked Wolfgave new fans a hint of the nocturnal, trap-tinged hip hop he’s been busy crafting. Now, ready to make 2019 his, Masked Wolfis straight out of the gates with his strongest release yet in ‘Vibin’.

As Australian hip hop continues to transform and as the New Wave continues to assume a new identity, the stories coming out from emerging artists are getting closer and closer to the streets. So many different sounds all thriving within the same genre makes for a crowded space in which new artists are trying to be heard, so it really takes something else to separate from the masses. For Masked Wolf, it’s all about payingtribute to his influences which are so prevalent in his music, but still sounding unique, and it’s through his storytelling that he maintains this. “I want to tell my own stories in a way that remains true to who I am,” Masked Wolfsaid.
Dedicated to thehustle and being true to yourself, ‘Vibin’ is complete with huge drops, booming bass and eccentric synths to lay down the perfect foundation for his rapidfire verses to float above. Masked Wolfsounds positively untouchable on ‘Vibin’, pushing forward hisethos of “I do me, you do you.” Teaming up once again with internationally acclaimed producer Tyron Hapifor production duties, Masked Wolfstrips back the dark side we heard on ‘Speed Racer’ while still focussing on his ambition and drive, opening himself right up for all to see on ‘Vibin’. Assuring fans there’s a whole lot more still to come, ‘Vibin’ marks the start of what is set to be one hell of a year for the fresh-faced Sydney producer. A new member of the Teamwrkroster, Masked Wolf’s 2018 single, ‘Speed Racer’ amassed over 150K streams in just a few weeks, and now he’s ready to really unleash with ‘Vibin’.

Released February 8, 2019 on Teamwrk Records