Watch : Jess Glynne Brits 2019 Performance

Jess Glynne, the biggest selling British female artist of 2018, last night closed the 2019 Brits with a beautiful and brave performance of her hit song Thursday. Sharing the stage with Grammy winning R&B star H.E.R. and an ensemble of models, influencers, her friends and even her mum, they slowly removed all their make -up through the song to reveal their bare faces.

Wearing make-up is still seen as an inevitable part of day to day womanhood but as Jess sings in Thursday it’s ok to have days when you don’t and still feel enough. A powerful message to all females across every age it’s a subject Jess feels passionately about having struggled with skin problems and self-confidence for many years.

Jess Glynne:

When I wrote Thursday I was feeling insecure and I was constantly doubting myself. This song represents me accepting myself for who I am. I see and hear girls feeling so low and imperfect to what they see in magazines or on social media and it’s so upsetting. There’s no such thing as perfect. By sitting on stage at the Brits with H.E.R and 70 other beautiful women, removing our make up together is a gesture to remind ourselves and everyone else that it’s okay and we are enough as we are. I hope this moment can help enforce that no woman is alone.

The set was created by the supremely talented artist and stage designer Es Devlin who has worked with the kingpins of modern music (Kanye, Adele, Beyoncé) as well as ground-breaking solo gallery works to collaborations in opera, dance concerts and theatre.

ES Devlin said:

We urgently need to address the growing phenomenon of low self-esteem and depression among teenage girls who encounter a relentless stream of unattainable daily physical perfection in their peers and influencers on social media. The Millennium Cohort Study interviewed 11,000 14-year olds and found that 40% of girls who spend over 5 hours per day on social media show symptoms of depression. By removing every trace of their makeup live on stage this evening, Jess, H.E.R. and the 70 girls and women who perform with them, make a gesture which we hope will resonate and raise awareness.