Watch : Grace Carter shares new live version of ‘Heal Me’

London born, Brighton raised singer/songwriter Grace Carter shares a powerful new live rendition of ‘Heal Me’. As the Rene La Vice drum & bass remix continues to cause a stir, this incredible live version strips it all back and showcases Grace’s incredible vocal. ‘Heal Me’ comes off the back of coming third in BBC’s Sound of 2019 as well as being tipped by the likes of MTV, YouTube Music, Amazon and Ticketmaster in their coveted one-to-watch lists.

As with all Grace’s songs ‘Heal Me’ strikes the listener to the core. The song’s premise is about feeling the pain of rejection and abandonment, but not letting it hold you back. This is something Grace felt as a child, being raised solely by her mother, as her relationship with absent father grew more distant. This track follows on from previous release ‘Why Her Not Me’, and once again showcases Grace’s expressive vocal. Grace sees her music as letters she never got to write and everything she wanted to say but never could until now.