Listen : Jevon returns with the gospel-tinged R&B of ‘Falling’

Already a lynchpin of the UK music scene, today Jevon returns with a brand new single, ‘Falling’. The track follows on from a massively impressive 2018 that ushered in a brand new project, ‘Judas’, which saw him step from behind the production board into a critically acclaimed artist on both sides of the pond.

A soul indebted cut, ‘Falling’ puts Jevon’s warm tones at the fore, presenting his own thoroughly UK interpretation of classic R&B. Affected organ tones chime and reverse amongst echoed snares, hard-hitting kicks and skittering hi-hats, providing the perfect hybrid of gospel-tinged soul with a hip hop edge. On the track, Jevon ruminates on unrequited love and coming to terms with its emotional toll, offsetting ‘Falling’’s traditionally uplifting instrumentalism for a soundtrack to heartbreak that’s affecting, powerful and completely unique.

On the track, Jevon said:
The song feels like a constant cycle, emotionally and mentally. I was reflecting on a time when my head was in a completely different place. I had a hard time letting go of things out of my control. No matter what I did I felt like everything kept me going back to the same place.

A hugely in demand UK figure both from a production standpoint and as an artist, Jevon has taken time crafting and informing a sound of UK music of his own design. Now, with ‘Falling’ and a flurry of brand new music on the horizon, Jevon looks set to redefine that landscape once more a prove why 2019 is set to be his most vital year yet.