Stockholm-based Felin explores serial killer obsession on punchy new track

Stockholm-based artist FELIN creates powerful connections between sound and visual, constantly exploring how these two worlds collide. Surrounding her is a creative power-house collective that have the combined experience of writing for the likes of Adam Lambert, and having visuals published in Interview Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar. The music is unapologetically cinematic, drawing from theatrical influences – the dark humour of Tarantino being one of note. Combining pop melodies and rock energy, FELIN have played the historic Rockpalast in Germany and supported The Chainsmokers last spring.

After their well-received 2017 single ‘21st Century’, FELIN is back with a statement that’s bolder than ever. Flavoured with bluesy moments and powerful vocals, new track ‘Black Heart’ thrives on a sonic bed of overdriven guitars and crisp percussion. Musically, the production choices add to the grit of the track, especially the distorted lead vocal. As the first song from her upcoming debut album (set for release this autumn), ‘Black Heart’ establishes the sonic and thematic direction of her new body of work.

Here’s what FELIN had to say about the creative process:

When we wrote the upcoming album, I wanted to build it as if it were a movie, filled with dark humour, sex, revenge, love and death. The whole album is inspired by a darkness, a passionate and destructive relationship with life and the constant reminder that everything is just on loan for a brief moment. There is something so damn beautiful about that. In Black Heart, I imagined what goes on in a serial killer’s head when he or she is on the hunt for the next victim. It’s a dark love story about being so obsessed that you can no longer think clearly, nor do you care about the consequences of your actions.

‘Black Heart’ previews FELIN’s new album, set for release later this year.