LAPP stuns with gritty vocals and raw atmosphere in stripped video of ‘Sunny’

After gaining some serious acclaim on his debut single Tennessee, LAPP now deviates in style, moving further towards a classification in the realms of alt-R&B. Still featuring emotive yowls and telling tales of the human condition, LAPP now pulls his style of song-writing toward a strong focus on distinctively digitised terrains of instrumentation, producing something entirely new.

LAPP’s latest sonic venture, ‘Sunny’, thrives on a relaxed groove that stays constant throughout, leaving plenty of space for his gritty vocals to soulfully meander as he cries out questions of life and love. The use of live saxophone brings a rich and organic element to the track, perfectly complimenting the electronically distorted vocal sample that introduces the track and returns periodically to add extra production punch.

Here’s what LAPP had to say about the track:

The song is about a man who wants to save a lady in the night from the men and the world that she lives in, all of which he believes are bringing her down. I wanted to create a track that was very much in the present. The instrumental is a cycle, revolving around consistent musical ideas. As the music follows a repeating progression, the man is constantly re-evaluating the world around him. The production is very raw and influenced by Seventies Soul. I wanted to put a modern edge on top of a classic style of to create a sound that blended two different moments in time. I also wanted to make the music reflects the twists and turns in the story’s plot. Questions of love, questions of time; this is Sunny.