Froyo Release Video for New Single Out There, drop Nostalgic Synth-Pop Debut EP Blue

Self-confessed cheesy 80’s synth-pop duo Froyo are releasing their video for new single Out There, along with their debut EP Blue today!

When you listen to Blue, picture yourself in a Pontiac Fiero cruising over a bridge at sunset, or driving through an endless, dimly-lit tunnel very late at night. All mood and nostalgia with a touch of sugar and sap; this is the sound of Blue by Froyo.

Dig a bit deeper though, and you will soon find that there is much more to Blue than a soundtrack to your fantasy 80’s road trip. Below the surface, the EP pays homage to the realities of living with depression, something that Michael – one half of the duo – struggled with at length during the time of its creation. The title track Blue is about living with said struggle and being naively content with doing nothing about it. While Out There, out today, is about the anxiety you feel when you’re missing someone. Initially written about a dear friend of the band who had moved overseas, the song found new meaning when this particular friend took his life in the lead up to the EP. For this reason, the entirety of Blue is dedicated to his memory.