Watch: “Dissociation”, first taste of Fernando Lagreca’s forthcoming new album “Infamous”

Fernando Lagreca announces new album for this spring. “Infamous”, that’s how the LP will be entitled. “Dissociation” is the first single to be taken from the LP, undoubtedly the most wide-ranging and open-minded of his entire record career.

“Dissociation” is a good example. The song, which features the vocal collaboration of Chantelle R., has a strong urban-soul pelage. Without forgetting his passion for synthesizers, he had never before embraced contemporary R&B and ‘the streets’ as he does now.

Fernando Lagreca about ‘Dissociation’:
“’Dissociation’ it’s not the first single of my new LP by mere chance. This song perfectly defines the essence of the album. It is mysterious and atmospheric, at the same time human and it has a soul. Disillusionment and illusion at the same time. The beat may sometimes be very disturbing, while at other times bring calm. It’s a track in which I have all the time mixed feelings, hence the title.

Then, by incorporating the vocals of Chantelle R, it has grown as a more intense track; thanks to that cadence I began to imagine a modern, sexy and very urban environment. Lots of hip movements and sensuality. That’s the why of the music video concept later. You will find Asian Dancehall scene footage, a style that has become very strong over there and that, while still being for a minority, has an important presence at an urban level but without getting to emerge completely, yet another incongruity. Another dissociation.