BEAT.IT Vol.2 (Stream)

BEAT.IT Vol.2 is the second compilation by BEAT.IT, a project founded by the Italian born, but London-based producer Railster. The aim of BEAT.IT is to connect Italian beatmakers sharing a thirst for experimentation and the love for that fertile intersection where electronic music meets hip-hop.
BEAT.IT started off as a humble Facebook group where all the artists could share their latest productions, tips and information – it became quickly a creative hub, an important resource able to support and stimulate a thriving scene.
Now, two years later, Railster is ready to present BEAT.IT Vol.2: the second compilation, an effort to bring the project to the next level, especially in terms of production; this time in fact, each single track selected to appear on the compilation is the result of a collaboration between two or more artists, a process aiming to foster new connections across the group members and to generate new unexpected mix of styles.
The end result is a work comprising 20 tracks produced by 38 artists, the widest overview possible to grasp the manifold nuances composing the sound spectrum of BEAT.IT.
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01) Costa & Smirney (Burman Brothers) – Super Hero ( सुपर हीरो )
02) Godblesscomputers & Lvnar – Black Sea
03) Turbojazz & Kae – Les Blackan
04) Emshi & Natty Dub – If You Go Away
05) LUCB & HLMNSRA – Asap Rocky Balboa
06) Lynch Kingsley & Grove Kingsley – Queens & Kings
07) DustY & c:pala – Manhattan Research
08) ZeMauno & Capibara – SoopaDoopa
09) Butti & Jo-Dc – Panacea
10) The Agronomist & Cibali – Funkadediti
11) AFM & Railster – Scratch Your Face
12) AntiteQ & Fitnessbitch – Fuck ID
13) Go Dugong & Earthquake Island – RGB
14) Earthquake Island & Kavemura – Black Eyes
15) Microspore & Smite – Rudra
16) Railster & HLMNSRA – Tetraidroc
17) Kappah & Microspore – Gremo To Gremo
18) Rudynme & c:pala – Scrambled Eggs Theme
19) Mas&Delayer & Diogenes – 99 Problems And Drake Ain’t One
20) Odeeno & Efeizee – Do All Things With Love


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