The Class Of 2015 VA- Listen:Ben Gomori – Xuclar (Anna Wall's Rêver Bateau Remix)

The Class Of 2015
Various Artists
[Monologues Records]
Release Date: 14 December 2015
Ben Gomori’s Monologues Records label celebrates its first year with ‘The Class Of 2015′: a compilation rounding up their first eight releases alongside a clutch of exclusive new material.
New remixes and exclusives come from Studio Barnhus’ Shakarchi & Straneus, rising London talent Anna Wall, US newcomer M. Vaughan, Thorsteinssøn and Gomori himself – with previous releases from the label boss, Saytek, Laurence Guy, André Laos, Thorsteinssøn, Jascha Hagen, Lrusse and Fedde all included. With music from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Mexico and the UK, it’s a truly global label that has received support and praise from the likes of BBC Radio 1, THUMP, RBMA, DJ Mag and Stamp The Wax.
From deep house to chugging disco, glitchy tech to broken beat, the label has delivered a diverse output from some of the most exciting upcoming producers around. The likes of Dusky, Luke Solomon, Soul Clap, Adam Port, Horse Meat Disco, Bill Brewster and Frankey & Sandrino have been just a few of the many DJs to support the label’s releases.
Monologues Records is the offshoot of the acclaimed Monologues Podcast, where producers and live acts mix an hour of their own material. The series has racked up over 300,000 plays so far through episodes from the likes of Till Von Sein, Uffe, Peter Kruder, Jori Hulkkonen, Patrice Baumel and Melon, and has also spawned a radio show broadcast on 25 stations across the world. With their first party at Farbfernseher in Berlin teeing up a residency at the intimate club, 2016 will see them host parties elsewhere and support emerging talent from across the globe.
M. Vaughan – Be My Woman
Lrusse – Plus Ones (Ben Gomori’s Name’s Not Down Remix)
Laurence Guy – Les Mur (Thorsteinssøn Version)
André Laos – Soy Beaner (Shakarchi & Straneus’ CR-78 Vacation)
Ben Gomori – Xuclar (Anna Wall’s Rêver Bateau Remix)
Ben Gomori – Xuclar (Anna Wall’s Rêver Bateau Remix – Ben’s Beatless Version)
Laurence Guy – Les Mur
Lrusse – Ynyslas
André Laos – Tragic Tofu
Ben Gomori – Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (Saytek Remix)
Jascha Hagen – Untiteled (Ben Gomori’s Entitled To Remix)
Lrusse – Cut Through
André Laos – Soy Beaner
Ben Gomori – Paradigm Shift
Ben Gomori – Paradigm Dub
Laurence Guy – Sunlite
Thorsteinsson – Like A Duke With You
Fedde – What You Do To Me
Ben Gomori – Lido
Thorsteinssøn – 7 Minutes (G.Markus G-Mix)
Jascha Hagen – No Matter What
Fedde & MB22 – B&D
Ben Gomori – Xuclar
Thorsteinssøn – 7 Minutes
Lrusse – Plus Ones
Jascha Hagen – Untiteled
Ben Gomori – Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder


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