Auditive Cosmos – Disco Fiction (Emerald & Doreen Records)

Auditive Cosmos - Disco Fiction
If you like Daniele Baldelli, Cosmic Disco with all its influences from Disco and Electro Funk, Italo Disco, Krautrock, Synth Wave – check this out – a gem of an album from an unnamed Cosmic legend

Auditive Cosmos is an ambitious new project from a prolific veteran German-based producer who wishes to remain as anonymous as a yet undiscovered solar system. Under this pseudonym, Auditive Cosmos rides galactic disco waves with a cloaking device in full effect, appearing briefly to jettison the Disco Fiction album onto esteemed German boutique imprint Emerald & Doreen Records. This is an interstellar mission to explore the far reaches of dance music.

The sounds throughout the Disco Fiction album are heavily influenced by the Italo and disco scenes of the past few decades but with a modernistic take supplied by the seasoned producer at the helm. Auditive Cosmos supplies bass, drums, electronics, and keys throughout while a talented group of guest vocalists and musicians elegantly fill in the spaces. Highlights include, but are not limited to, “Driving At Night” and its slo-mo cyborg serenade, the authentic sounding disco blast of “Stargazer”, the mystical ‘Babylon’, the funky NYC meets italo disco rap of ‘If the Queen’, the old school electro vocoder nugget that is “Galactic Riders”, the synth-tastic wind up of “Disco Fiction” and the sleazy-druggy ‘Absynth’. With twelve cool tracks in total on the album, there’s plenty to get lost in here, and much to get down to for Baldelli fans.

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