Kylie Auldist to release ‘Family Tree’ on Freestyle Records

kylie auldistAustralian vocalist extroadinaire Kylie Auldist will be no stranger to soul & funk fans, her searing soul singing having featured on her own albums ‘Made Of Stone’ ,’Still Life’ (Tru Thoughts) also in The Bamboos, as well as Freestyle Records own Cookin’ On 3 Burners. Her unmistakable voice is currently topping the pop charts across Europe as the Kungs remix of Cookin’ On 3 Burners ‘This Girl’ has proven a sure fire hit with club audiences as well as pop fans.

Freestyle Records will be the new home for an artist of such assured talent and genuine soul credentials. The brand new album ‘Family Tree’, produced by Kylies’ long time collaborators Lance Ferguson (The Bamboos/Lanu/CO3B/Black Feeling) and Graeme Pogson (of Aussie electronic duo GL) is a quite brilliant modern collection of boogie, disco & electro-funk inspired tracks that evoke the feel and sound of late 70’s & early 80’s club classics.

Think of classic acts like D Train, Sinnamon, and singers like Chaka Khan, Maxine Singelton, Sharon Redd and you will already start to understand where this new project is rooted.

Of this exciting addition to the Freestyle Records roster, A&R man Greg Boraman said “Whilst Kylie has featured on various Freestyle releases over the years, to have her fully onboard to release this incredible album is exciting and feels like a natural and long overdue happy collaboration”.

Kylie herself, an longstanding admirer of Freestyle Records stated; “Freestyle take Soul seriously! I’ve known them a long time now and they’ve always embraced great music. I know I’m in good company and it feels right to be a part of the Freestyle family!”

Freestyle will release the 5 track, 12 inch single/download ‘Waste Of Time’, followed by the ‘Family Tree’ album late summer 2016.

Check out the video for the track ‘Sensational’:

Check out Kylies’ website here


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