Pat Lok ‘You Street’ (Hear This Records)

Pat Lok 'You Street' (Hear This Records)One of Vancouver’s finest gems Pat Lok is back with a brand new release, “You Street”, and it’s a track that will surely warm your day. Pat Lok is best known for crafting genuinely feel-good music that form a link between an older funk sound with a fresh and updated twist. His last remix of Jarreau Vandal’s “Nobody Else” ft. Brasstracks and Niya Wells was a luminous rework that showcased Pat Lok’s undeniable knack for funk and eclectic talents.
I started writing this on a plane after a gig on the East Coast. I’ve always loved big brassy sounds in dance music since hearing PNAU – Embrace way back. This was really one of those times where the chords almost wrote themselves… I haven’t really done a proper club tune in awhile, so it was exciting to try and combine these two concepts (music I enjoy writing vs the music I play out at shows).” – Pat Lok


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