Cassy annouces ‘Donna’ LP on AUS Music+Tour

Cassy annouces 'Donna' LP on AUS Music.Catherine Britton is a celebrated DJ and producer who can work crowds at underground havens like Berghain and Panoramabar as much as she can at vast outdoor festivals like Tomorrowland. Her productions are inventive, left of centre house and techno affairs that have come on esteemed labels like Perlon, Uzuri and Bass Culture.

With no real plan other than to make an album as unpretentious and natural as possible, Donna simply reflects the sounds that have enthused and inspired Cassy over the years, but it didn’t come easy. “I had broken up with my husband, left Berlin, left my friends and left a way of making music and a way of living life,” she recalls. “It was too painful to make music. I tried singing and it felt awful. I had to look at myself and understand how much I truly disliked myself. I had to get out of all my unhealthy relationships with people that were a mere reflection of how I felt inside. Music producing was out of the question. It reminded me of who I tried to be for other people.

Once the album writing process eventually started in earnest after six years of stop start, Cassy found out she was pregnant. Six months of structural experiments ensued with sound engineer and friend Lad Agabekov, as did a relocation to LA and then Philadelphia. It was here the album was finished as Cassy found new inspiration and passion with her new born son and partner. They, along with friend and “soul brother” King Britt, ”helped me transform the album into a more mature version of me and my music. Into the version I am ready for the world to hear.

Opening with the downbeat vocal darkness of ‘This Is How We Know’ this album has you immediately enthralled. From there, a deep and moody selection of stripped back but emotive cuts range from crisp and kicking to more menacing and troubled. Plenty of vocals lend the whole thing a personal and intimate feel, with the overall mood lovelorn, vulnerable and honest. There is minimal techno, soul infused house and Latin flecked rollers next to creepy slow burners and delightfully freewheeling and melodic disco style cuts.

All in all, Donna makes for a roller coaster ride that is accomplished and unpredictable, and very much proves Cassy has much more than just effective club music up her sleeve.

Release date: 24th June 2016

A1 – This is how we know
A2 – Feel
A3 – Back
B1 – All I Do
B2 – Strange Relationship
B3 – Cuando
C1 – Route to Thonon
C2 – Keep Trying
C3 – Move
D1 – Without You
D2 – What If
D3 – You Gotta Give



15.05.16 – Extrema Outdoor, Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium
22.05.16 – Bruja Outdoor, Stuttgart, Germany
23.05.16 – Circo Loco, DC10, Ibiza
27.05.16 – Iboat, Bordeaux, France
28.05.16 – We Are Fstvl, Upminster, UK
28.05.16 – SWG3, Glasgow, Scotland
29.05.16 – Madre Terre, Venice, Italy


04.06.16 – Dance Island, Madrid, Spain
10.06.16 – Mixmag Live, Pickle Factory, London, UK
11.06.16 – Angels of Love, Napoli, Italy
16.06.16 – Half Baked, Barcelona, Spain
17.06.15 – ZT Hotel Off Sonar, Barcelona, Spain
18.06.16 – Body & Soul, Westmeath, Ireland
20.06.16 – Circo Loco, DC10, Ibiza
25.06.16 – Suma Beach, Sarıyer, Turkey


02.07.16 – Bergamo, Italy
03.07.16 – 10 Years of Flying Circus, Barcelona, Spain.
09.07.16 – Extrema Outdoor, Eindhoven, Netherlands
11.07.16 – Circo Loco, DC10, Ibiza
15.07.16 – Lux, Lisbon, Portugal
17.07.16 – Cocobeach, Paris, France
22.07.16 – Color, Bucharest, Romania
24.07.16 – Panorama Festival, Randalls Island, NYC, USA
29.07.16 – Watergate, Berlin, Germany


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