Listen:FOMO feat Chaka Khan, Taka Boom & Mark Stevens – House Of Love (Original)

FOMO feat Chaka Khan, Taka Boom and Mark Stevens​ - House Of Love‘House Of Love’ is a record that has been a year in the making, Chaka Khan’s dance music debut and the first time that her two siblings, Taka Boom and Mark Stevens have performed on the same record with her. This is house music crafted by the greats from a lady that has sold over eighty million records and won ten Grammy awards. An unstoppable record doused in charm and finesse, ‘House Of Love’ is set for release on Shaboom Records on 20th May 2016 alongside stellar remixes from DJ Dmitry (of 90s supergroup DEEE-LITE), Eric D Clark, Yousef, Split Secs and Tripmastaz, with further remixes yet to be announced for later this summer.

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