Conduct – Borderlands LP (Blu Mar Ten Music)

Conduct - BorderlandsKnown collectively as Conduct, Robin Andrews & Chris Edwards began collaborating in 2009, working on a range of creative endeavours from graphic art to composition to cinematography. Between them, Conduct has a rich and diverse musical history, playing live in Extreme-Metal, Be-Bop and Jazz bands while also working in the delicate nuances of digital sound design. This tapestry of experience is reflected in their dynamic, widescreen DJ sets which range from the subsonically deep, through the beautifully soulful to the fearsomely technical.

Fascinated with experimentation at 170 beats per minute, Conduct operates in the area between electronic and acoustic instrumentation with a cinematic approach to composition influenced by the likes of Hans Zimmer and Jesper Kyd.

While it’s common for Drum & Bass producers to concentrate on dance-floor impact, Conduct‘s primary focus is to create rich harmonic interpolations and potent imagery that never fails to provoke a strong emotional response in the listener.

Borderlands is Conduct’s debut album, perfectly showcasing their unique ability to juxtapose natural and artificial sonics, deadly seriousness and light heartedness. An album of severe light and shade, Conduct have beautifully constructed an environment that sits somewhere between the heat of dusty Western desert vistas and glacial extraterrestrial landscapes.

Instantly signed by the ground-zero label of innovative Drum & Bass, Blu Mar Ten Music, Borderlands is a​ ​masterful introduction to the Conduct sound and sees this electrifying new act join label-mates Frederic​ ​Robinson and Kimyan Law in the total redefinition of 170bpm dance music.


01: Meraki
Zimmer-esque cinematics give way to ultra-aggressive, percussive warfare before the two flavours meld back together.

02: Archaic
A beautiful slice of moody desert music, Conduct’s own ultra-stereo guitar work evokes the shimmering heat of Leone and Peckinpah while lazily splashing drum work oozes its way throughout.

03: Piano Tune
Never knowingly over-serious, Conduct shout back to Suburban Base-era jungle with tongue in cheek piano work, arcade game flourishes and warping bass licks all delivered at a loping, half-tempo pace.

04: Turmoil
Choral vocals and African percussion set the scene for a stripped-back, sidechained groove draped in profoundly unsettling blasts of bass mechanics before the reprieve arrival of delicate guitars.

05: Borderlands
Giving the LP its name, Borderlands perfectly represents the Conduct sound. Recalling the work of early Photek and TeeBee, trademark minimal, hardhitting drum work underpins clashing synths, subsonic bass and guitars in a relentlessly moody slice of Drum & Bass science.

06: Bat Country
Located in the equidistance between Los Angeles & Las Vegas is where you’ll find Bat Country, a place of merciless heat and endless skies. Rattlesnake percussion, stomach-lurching bass and profoundly melancholy harmonics perfectly portray this unforgiving landscape.

07: Faux
Weeping strings and pitched down vocals introduce steam hammer kick drums and temperamental, scorpion bass that erratically lashes out at the listener.

08: Beta’s Error
“While my android gently weeps”, Beta’s E
​​rror is a tenderly reflective slice of science-fiction sadness, blending mutated vocals and kalimba with exquisite sound design.

09: Grand Panjadrum
Opening with shades of ‘Apollo’-era Brian Eno, Grand Panjadrum develops into clockwork drums and seas of warm instrumentation. Here is where the desert meets the ocean.

10: Silkworm
Twisting, turning & diving, Silkworm capes itself in cavernous reverb while alien chords and vocals puncture its subterraneous bass.

11: Divergence
Closing the album, Divergence refuses to go quietly, its delicate piano relentlessly overwhelmed by tectonic beats and virus-laden basslines. A reminder, if any were needed, that Conduct can destroy a club with the best of them.


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