Dragon Suplex -Pentagrammin EP

Dragon Suplex -PentagramminHailing from Definition:Music home turf, Swiss producer Dragon Suplex drop a huge 4 track banger this spring. Getting straight to business, the title track opens the show on a high note. Deep kicks, solid bass and a dark ambience send menacing vibes straight to the floor, dripping with the electric energy of the arps as the percussion lays the foundations.

‘Emotitions’ opens on a bouncy groove, only to fill the space a few very dramatic synth lines and a contagious atmosphere.
‘Can’t Stop’ follows in the same footsteps, keeping the suspense thick and the vibe deep and dark. The final track hits the hardest, with a smooth vocal threaded between the beats to create a beautiful journey through Dragon Suplex’s universe while delivering a super solid dance track that is sure to sneak its way soon into top playlists. Overall this is an EP for the dancefloor enthusiast, those looking to get the floor into a sweat for the peak time shuffle.


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