Alle Farben-Please Tell Rosie (feat. YOUNOTUS) (The Remixes)

Alle Farben - Please Tell Rosie (feat. YOUNOTUS) (The Remixes)Plucked cello-strings in a house beat surrounded by warm piano chords showing directly a hypnotic impression. Over that a hook that underlines how easy it is for Frans Zimmer alias Alle Farben to open a new chapter in his artists consciousness. The summer is ready and starts now with »Please Tell Rosie«. First single of the new and upcoming Alle Farben album »Music Is My Best Friend«. The catchy chorus of the single shows the right direction in which Alle Farben’s second album is floating. »Please Tell Rosie« is Frans Zimmer’s love letter to the music:

»Please tell Rosie, I’m not going to come back til September, cause music is my best friend

Toegther with Berlin producers and DJ duo YOUNOTUS as feature artists on »Please Tell Rosie« Alle Farben drives forth, what already earned the success of the past two years. »Supergirl«, Frans Zimmer’s collaboration with YOUNOTUS and Anna Naklab wasn’t only the summer hit of the last years, but also receiving platinum status in Germany. Shortly before that the Alle Farben single »She Moves«, which already climbed up the top 15 to the airplay charts before that, earned gold status. »Please Tell Rosie« is also following the pathway of the summer hit, laying strictly between euphoria and melancholia, as Frans Zimmer says:

»The Single stands for good mood, but at the same time it’s also a melancholic track. The track tells the story of my life of the past few and the probably the following years. It’s actually about me, I’m always traveling around and it’s really hard for me to build up relationships. At the same time it also nice, because I decided to live for the music that I love. That’s point«.

After the first single including the great video directly from Mexico by “Supergirl” director Marc Rissmann, we’re taking the next step! Alle Farben & YOUNOTUS locked themselves into their studio to produce two new great remixes, that will flow! Easy to recognize by each of their signature sounds. Perttu on the other hand is stepping up their game once again, by the way he’s also a featured artists on Alle Farben’s new album! Take your seats, get yourself comfy and please tell Rosie beforehand: we’re not coming back ’til September, ’cause “Music Is My Best Friend”!





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