I’m A House Gangster: Bangers #3

DJ Sneak raids the magic trove of I’m A House Gangster treasures and comes up with royal selection of House jewels for the next chapter of his lauded ‘Bangers’ compilation series. ‘Bangers Vol.3’ features a plethora of heat from some of IAHG’s top dawgs, packed with some of the fattest cuts this true House music label has to offer!

From the opening track of Jesse Perez’s smooth Hip House groove, ‘That’s Real Muthafuckin Talk’, to Sneak driving home home his family message with ‘Truly Gangster’, flipping the script with Tripmastaz retro electro tinged ‘TomzWork’ to the quirky Jazz-tastic vibes of Justin Harris’ ‘Random Jazz’, ‘Bangers Vol 3’ demonstrates the sheer versatility of this label. More House gems come fresh and fast, courtesy of Harry Romero with his sublimely hypnotic ‘NASA’, the moody bumping groove of ‘Roll Back’ from Tripmastaz featuring Sneak and his funky flowing vibes on ‘Gansta Beatz’, El Chino’s 90’s fused ‘New Jack Hustler’, Demuir’s Jackin’ bomb ‘The Cheerleader’ and Joeski & Audio KoDe’s ‘Show Me Your Love’. Sneak also treats us to more of his own precious nuggets from the vault, including ‘It’s Not Just You’ and closes out this stellar edition with with the sun drenched ‘Baile Del Payaso lnfeliz’.


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