Machel Montano – I Forget (Official Music Video)

Machel Montano - I Forget
International Soca superstar Machel Montano partners with VIBE Magazine for the premiere of his brand new irresistible summer jam “I Forget.”
With performances by Montano and Nikita Brown and production by LAZAbeam, “I Forget” captures the exuberance of Trindad and Tobago’s world famous Carnival. The new single is exclusively featured in the forthcoming Bollywood musical Bazodee releasing nationwide August 5th where the King of Soca will be making his much-anticipated film debut and infusing his infectious Caribbean flavor.

Machel Montano explains, “I Forget is a song meant to challenge the taboo of love across races, classes and cultures, which is an issue not only in Trinidad & Tobago, but across the globe. Trinidad & Tobago is a mix of so many different cultures, Africans, Indians, Asians, Caucasians, and also the indigenous people here, like Caribs and Arawaks. The fact that all of these diverse cultures have coexisted in harmony has always been our triumph over time. The amazingly unique way that we have learned to live side by side and embrace each other and our different traditions.”

Montano continues, “Soca music is the soundtrack of our biggest festival, Carnival, which is celebrated across the world, and is about people being free together. Soca music represents, ultimately, that unity, the joy of freedom and expression through music & dance. When all of these cultures and classes come together, I joyfully sing, “I FORGET, different races, when I see your face is, love and happiness and everything I’ll ever need!
Bazodee brings its captivating new mix of Bollywood and Caribbean island vibes to New York on Wednesday July 27th for its red carpet movie premiere followed by a special live show at the Playstation Theatre. Attendees will be treated to electrifying performances by Montano, Angela Hunte, Lyrikal, Skinny Fabulous and music by Sounds 4 Life, Milo Myles and more. Limited tickets are available here.

Bazodee – Official Movie Trailer (2016)


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