Outcast Oddity Various artists 003

Outcast Oddity Various artists 003Outcast Oddity is proud to present its third release. With two various artist EPs already under their belt and early support from the likes of Ame, Dixon, Tim Sweeney, Mathew Herbert and the Giegling Crew its easy to see how far the fledgling label will go.

Having already contributed tracks on the first two EPs, label founders Engyn and Robles return for 003 with three cuts of left field club music. Engyn is the alias of a DJ inextricably involved in the music scene in Berlin, his track ‘Hout Glands’ is a big room track with a melodic edge. The collaboration with Gegenheimer ‘G8′ is a synth laden acid techno workout.

Robles is part of the group Alma Negra that got a lot of attention with their Tabanka EP on Sofrito. In his hometown Basel he is involved with the Hinterhof Club, the place he learned his craft as a resident through countless hours behind the decks.

ZK Bucket returns to the label after appearing on the last two releases. Running his own label Zaun Records, he is known for his ability to blend wild styles and genres. He provides two locked grooves comprised of acid weirdness with a frenetic energy.

Sebastian Voigt caught Engyn’s attention back in 2014 and when Outcast Oddity was conceptualised he was a natural choice to join as one of the staple artists on the label. His ‘Lux Aeterna’ track is an otherworldly eight minute journey through percussive claps and spooky bleeps. Watch out for his full EP on Outcast Oddity coming later on in the year.

Release Date 8th August 2016

01. Engyn – Hout Glands
02. Engyn & Gegenheimer – G8
03. Z.K.Bucket – Locked Fez
04. Sebastian Voigt – Lux Aeterna
05. Robles – Hackney
06. Z.K.Bucket – Locked Dude
07. Sebastian Voigt – Lux Aeterna (Engyn’s Power Trance Remix)


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