Rain Dog – There Be Monsters

Rain Dog new album  There Be Monsters‘There Be Monsters‘, the sophomore full length effort by Samuel Evans, or Rain Dog, is an auditory exploration into the unchartered regions of his own mind and the edges of experience. Dealing with many personal changes which continuously prolonged the creation process of the album, Evans channelled and processed a variety of experiences into a highly personal album. Essentially coming full circle ‘There Be Monsters‘ attempts to draw a map for your mind – it is on the fringes of consciousness that the interesting stuff happens.
David Foster Wallace wrote ‘loneliness is not a function of solitude’, paraphrasing Marianne More: ‘the cure for loneliness is solitude’. A common thread throughout the album.
After his highly acclaimed debut album “Two Words” in 2014 ,Rain Dog comes back to deliver his sophomore full length ‘There Be Monsters’. Avoiding the plight of the second album and keeping his signature sound while also not repeating himself, the album is the result of years of work, scrapped previous projects and simplifying his writing process and gaining experience by creating soundtracks for Vice Documentaries. The track titled ‘Eyes On The Aether’ is representative of a turning point and each track has particular relevance to a point in Sam Evans life over the last few years.
Release Date 30 September 2016
01. My Hands Make Shapes
02. Loneliness Is Not A Function Of Solitude
03. A Scarecrow’s Heart Is Made of Straw Feat. Finn Ryder
04. The Halfway Place
05. Choreoathetoid
06. Dream Is Destiny
07. Who Do You Love?
08. Eyes On The Aether
09. Lloyd Has My Keyboard
10. Hierlera
11. Tahiti (Take Me To Infinity)
12. Twelve Steps
13. Lazarus Reflex
14. In Your Arms
15. You Are Not Alone (Mother) Feat. Monsoonsiren
16. Marianne


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