Raíz – Cored (Silent Servant, Cell Injection, Subversive Remixes)

raiz-cored-remixesFor nearly a decade, Raíz and Subversive have distributed their vision of dance music on various labels including Historia y Violencia, Electric Deluxe, Construct Reform, Droid Recordings and their own imprint VRV. Three years into the VRV project, the label heads have decided it is time to expand the roster and showcase artists on a similar plane, producers they know can speak to the sound. The chosen interpreters on this release include Drumcell, Truncate, Silent Servant and Subversive.
The former Sandwell District and current Jealous God co-conspirator steps up with a stark composition in which melodic arpeggiation builds over industrial drones and echoing drums. The mix of sound reaches a clear peak, then segues into a calm that’s expertly tooled for mixing. Droid Behavior’s best-known producers take up their Cell Injection collaboration to hollow out Raíz’s “Cored 2” for a driving roller with eerie pads and a darker sensibility. Subversive breathes another level of funk into the original, with clanging percussion and a new melodic motif.
Release date 28 November 2016 / VRV
A1. Cored 3 (Silent Servant Remix)
B1. Cored 2 (Cell Injection Remix)
B2. Cored 4 (Subversive Remix)


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