Psychemagik -Ritual Chants

psychemagik-ritual-chants‘Ritual Chants’ is a stellar earthbound and outer space odyssey spanning 3 discs, respectfully embellishing Psychemagik’s taste and passion for the wonderful, the sublime and very often unusual.
Ritual Chants skilfully shows insights into applying retro finds into a contemporary setting, much of the material acquired via world tours and capturing the excitement of finding lost jewels and sharing them to crowds across the planet. Compiled by Danny McLewin, the renowned record digger of the duo, the 3 discs are carefully programmed and sequenced into 3 themes: Beach, Love & Dance, all of which tenderly demonstrate curious ears with a respectful nod to the past and the future via such touchstones as the pre-new age emanations of ‘Water Sports’ by Man Parrish, a beautiful tranquil and cascading synth poem which soothes and pulses, and the sublime and haunting ‘God’s Garden’ by John J. Francis, which hints at a forthcoming new age of thinking.
On disc 2 (Love) the semi discordant funk of Zru Vogue’s ‘Do the Zru’, reminiscent of a later era Can, laced with thumb piano and an addictive head nod groove finds its place alongside the Gallic seduction of ‘L’Amour Joue Au Violon’ by Jeanette, a real string-swept lost masterpiece reminiscent of ‘Melody Nelson’ era Serge Gainsbourg. The booming drum machine mechanics of ‘Hangin’ Out In Space’ by Tony Wilson does exactly what it says: a galactic deep fried boogie which will have even robots shaking their metalware into the long wee hours, as will the hypnotic Arabic infused brew made by Golden Hands on ‘Take Me Back’.
While disc 3 (Dance) opens the door to the thick of the night, with phenomenal and unknown cuts such as ‘Love and Happiness’ by Mansour Sallas and Ennio Morricone’s disco infused hybrid cut ‘Dance On’ adding magic and mysticism to this bountiful line, and high quality floor polishers such as Popcorn Makers ‘Nothing’, a sweaty gyrating slice of European sleaze bringing the delightful 3 course meal of ‘Ritual Chants’ to a close.
Release Date- 18/11/2016
Label: Eskimo Recordings

Man Parrish – Water Sports
The Rias Orchestra – Amram
John J. Francis – God’s Garden
Chac Mool – Ofrenda
Kraan – Silky Way
G.R.C. Five – Saga Of A Secluded Swamp Monster
Free Fantasy – Caroline
Jeanette – L’Amour Joue Au Violon
Wavemaker – Tunnel Of Love
Bobby Lyle – Making Love
Babla & Kanchan – Aay Mere Dil
FG’s Romance – What Is Love Today?
Etienne Vermoessen & Guido Delo – Easy Morning
Musyl & Joseppa – Follow Me
Karat – Auf Den Meeren
El Sueño De Hyparco – Rhodas
Tony Wilson – Hangin’ Out In Space
Zru Vogue – Do The Zru
Golden Hands – Take Me Back
Minako Yoshida – Black Moon
Adrian Gurvitz – New World
Hitomi Tohyama – Wanna Kiss
Chagrin D’Amour – Ciao Katmandou
Amini – Habibi
Electric Machine – Fancy Good
Jean Guy Ruff – Cover Girl
J.M. Black – Lipstick (Shout!)
Danny Boy – Discomix
La P’tite Fred – Stormy Love Affair
Ennio Morricone – Dance On
The Right Combination – I’m Still In Love With You
Sharpio – Dance Drome (We Can Make Your Body Move) (Instrumental)
Mansour Sallama – Love And Happiness
Grant Santino – Try Love
Dionne – Come Get My Lovin’
Will To Power – Say It’s Gonna Rain (Acid Rain Dub)
Raoul Denis Jr – Ti Gason (Fe Respew’)
Dan Lacksman – Love You Every Day
Pop Corn Makers – Nothing
Family Four – En Häst Utan Namn


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