Best Of Hafendisko 2016

Best Of Hafendisko 2016
Hafendisko rounds off a great year in music with a fine selection of their best tracks and remixes from the current season, featuring Kasper Bjørke, Brynjolfur, Ebb, Jacob Bellens, Erobique, Carreno Is LB as well as exciting remixes by Gerd Janson, Mihai Popoviciu, Julius Steinhoff, Thomas Von Party and more.
Best Of Hafendisko 2016
Out 23.12.2016

01. Kasper Bjørke: Klint (Von Party Remix)
02. Brynjolfur: Technoir
03. Ebb: Alive (Julius Steinhoff Dub)
04. Kasper Bjørke: Cloud 9 (feat. Urdur) (Gerd Janson Mood Swing Dub)
05. Brynjolfur: M25 (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
06. Carreno is LB: Woman, Dress, Dance
07. Kasper Bjørke: Cloud 9 (Weval Dub Remix)
08. Ebb: Time (Panthera Krause Remix)
09. Jacob Bellens: Polyester Skin (Abstraxion Remix)
10. Erobique: Teknomusi
11. Oliver Huntemann: Kiez


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