Alexis Tyrel- Return To Planet Alpha out March 17th via Lessismore

LIM004_Alexis_Tyrel_-_Return_To_Planet_Alpha_Album_Lessismore record label, founded in 2003 by the Dutch DJ and producer Alexis Tyrel together with MBC, has been home for mostly his own releases under all his monikers and ‘various artist’ compilations. ‘Return To Planet Alpha’ continues in this tradition, being a second long-player of Alexis Tyrel after his debut ‘Newtradition’ from 2011.
Return To Planet Alpha is a collection of elegant techno tracks which instead of following the now so popular dark and destructive path focuses on daily moods and airy atmosphere, which is closer to open air and lounge than to sweaty pits of contemporary rave. But that doesn’t mean that the twelve tracks are just indistinctive background music. For one thing, Tyrel is a master of slick and tight beat foundations of kick drums and bass, often smoothed out with cool synth pads, onto which he layers all kinds of rhythmical chains, subtle melodic ideas and sounds ranging from vintage synths and industrial bits to organic textures and even field recordings.
Another distinctive feature of Alexis Tyrel (and his alter ego Gideon, which appears as a remixer on the LP) is diversity and playfulness. The sound environment of the LP, which is obvious from the album and track titles, inclines to a space theme, mainly thanks to the synthesizers recalling the 1980s. But instead of just recreating that sound, Alexis Tyrel uses the associative effect of the vintage synths and puts them in his own contemporary context.
Release Date. March 17th, 2017 (Vinyl) March 24th, 2017 (Digital)
01. Plant Deltagema Process
02. Concurnation
03. Potential Of A Lonely Star
04. To All You Flonkers (Gideon Remix)
05. Homeboy
06. Orbiting Planet Alpha
07. Phases Of The Old One
08. Right Side Of The Sun
09. Workspace
10. Phases Of The Old One (Gideon Remix)
11. To All You Flonkers
12. Nothing In Between


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