Music For Dreams release Copenhagen compilation 24th February 2017(Preview)

MFD_CPH_2017Kenneth Bager has compiled the new Copenhagen compilation for release on Music For Dreams on Friday 24th February 2017.
‘Music For Dream – Copenhagen 2017, Volume 1, features the label’s latest Balearic, house, and chill output including Oscar Bandersen ‘Sweetest Fantasty’, Apiento & LX ‘Dish’, DJ Pippi – Eivissa Saxomatica, Silent Riders ‘I See You’, AyOwA ‘Newcross’, The Kenneth Bager Experience ‘Amazing’ (feat. Damon C. Scott). Ambala ‘High Line’, and Rug Dug ‘Le Rayon Vert (feat. Nev Cottee)’.
The album also includes exclusive tracks and mixes including Nick Mackrory & Harry Collier ‘Invisible People’, Bongo Entp. ‘Foto Feita Do Avia~O (Selvagem Remix)’, Borneland ‘Eyes’ (feat. Line Gøttsche) [Turbotito Remix], and Peter Visti & Lukas Visti ‘Passion’.

1. Silent Riders – I See You
2. Prins Emanuel – Aquarius
3. AyOwA – Newcross
4. Nick Mackrory & Harry Collier – Invisible People
5. Apiento & Lx – Dish
6. DJ Pippi – Eivissa Saxomatica
7. The Kenneth Bager Experience – Amazing (feat. Damon C. Scott)
8. Bongo Entp. – Foto Feita Do Avia~O (Selvagem Remix)
9. Visti & Meyland – Tabah (DJ Disse Remix)
10. Borneland – Eyes (feat. Line Gøttsche) [Turbotito Remix]
11. Oscar Bandersen – Sweetest Fantasy
12. Ambala – High Line
13. Bjarno – Muskrat
14. Ruf Dug – Le Rayon Vert (feat. Nev Cottee)
15. Peter Visti & Lukas Visti – Passion
16. Troels Hammer – Echoes Of Childhood
17. The Swan And The Lake – Blueberrys
18. Estancia La Mar – Terminous And Condiciones
19. 55 Cancri e – Att lämna Tellus II (Solen Går Ner)


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