D. Diggler – Renegade (Lucidflow) (13th Feb. 2017)

d-diggler-renegadeThe Lucidflow release onslaught powers into 2017 with purpose with another release from production machine D. Diggler. A one time favourite when coming to the regular remix specials on the label, Andreas Mügge debuted in his own right with purpose with the ‘Radium’ EP, following in quick succession with ‘Apricot’ and ‘Magenta’. The next release is titled ‘Renegade’ and pulls exactly zero punches whatosever.
Kicking off with the title track, we are in familiar territory with Andreas’ trademark tumbling techno drums. Quickly things change, as a long and rubbery bass texture smoothly works its way into the mix. This keeps things undulating and progressive and works to join together the islands of melodic elements – arpeggio early on, gentle four note hook in the middle stretch, and the outgoing dub echo chamber at the end.
Next up are two variations of ‘Substitute’. In its first guise, cavernous but muted low end rumbles between punchy beats as a guttural vocal emission powers the mix on. Slowly teasing out towards the lynchpin breakdown, the track suddenly sidesteps into bliss, finishing off with restrained euphoria. Following this, the ‘B’ variation is more about unresolved tension, holding a steady and dramatic string note near end to end, it’s break is into the unknown reaches of space rather than the comforting bliss of its twin.
Swiftly sidestepping all you have experienced of the D. Diggler alias to date, ‘Ghettoblaster’ goes for trippy acidic electro. The 303 works in 3/4, waltzing around the warm electro undertones. You know what to expect here – attacks of resonance, additional 303 melodies – this is classically executed acid.
‘Renegade’ arrives on 13th Feb 2017.


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