Kevin Over compiles Mobilee's annual Back to Back release

kevin-over-compiles-mobilees-annual-back-to-back-releaseKevin Over further cements his status as mobilee’s most exciting fresh talent with a blistering collection of unheard material, deftly showcasing the work of a young artist rapidly reaching critical mass.
You don’t come to find yourself at the helm of one of the most successful underground house and techno imprints without a keen eye for fresh talent, that which has the potential to be nurtured, moulded and pushed to the next level. Anja Schneider has worked hard to hone that skill over the years, fine-tuning her instinctive, risk-taking persona; as a result, she just knows when someone is worth investing in. With that said, she new has her new protégé Kevin Over locked firmly in her sights – and with good reason.
Part compilation, and part album, Over was keen to emphasize how this was his first musically extensive project which followed a defined musical structure, and was consistent in its vibe and mood from beginning to end; “I felt like I needed more of a defined direction at this point in my career, as many of my EPs had traversed a wide variety of styles. The whole process took around three months, drawing from my early influences in garage and Chicago house as well as older funk stuff. I definitely got lost down the Youtube rabbit hole whilst looking for things to sample! I’m also so proud of having some of my favorite artists such as Marquis Hawkes, Jacob Korn and Soulphiction on board for remixes as well.
Label: mobilee
Distribution: !K7
Release date: 17th March, 2017

1. Audiofly & Dance Spirit – Angel Eyes
2. Kevin Over – Dakota
3. Gorge – It´s Time
4. And.ID – Lovin You
5. Anja Schneider – Sunny Side Up
6. Ryan Artifact – Machine
7. Customer – Magic Number
8. Rodriguez Jr. – 2 Miles High
9. Gel Abril – Mayas Song
10. Animal Trainer – Function None
11. Ray Okpara – Satin Curtain
12. Re.You – Substitute
13. Lee Van Dowski – Sinon Toi
1. Kevin Over – 2002 (Soulphiction Dub)
2. Anja Schneider – Rain (Kevin Over Remix)
3. Kevin Over – Shady (Jacob Korn Remix)
4. Kevin Over – Vember (Original Mix)
5. Kevin Over – Look At Me Sartre (Original Mix)
6. Kevin Over – Hillside Av. (Original Mix)
7. Kevin Over – Pfeffi Care (Original Mix)
8. William Djoko – Satisfied (Kevin Over Remix)
9. Kevin Over – Blue Ox (Marquis Hawkes Remix)
10. And.ID – Frozen (Kevin Over Remix)
11. Kevin Over – Trevor Knows (Original Mix)
12. Rodriguez Jr. – Satellite (Kevin Over Remix)
Tour Dates:
25.02. – Printworks, London / UK
25.02. – Hive Club / Zürich / CH
04.03. – R33 / Barcelona / ES
10.03. – Heinz Gaul, Cologne / DE
11.03. – Junkyard, Dortmund / DE
15.03. – Silq Club / Düsseldorf / DE
17.03. – Arosa Elektronica / Arosa / CH
24.03. – Watergate / Berlin / DE
21.04. – ARTheater, Cologne / DE
22.04. – Haus Drei&Dreißig, Nürnberg / DE


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