Spacetime Continuum + Juju & Jordash – Air Texture Volume V

spacetime-continuum-juju-jordash-air-texture-volume-vThe Air Texture ( series returns again to present new experimental electronic music from the musician’s perspective. Two producers are asked to select a CD each of unreleased music for combined release. This turn asked Spacetime Continuum and Juju & Jordash to make the selections.

AIR005 moves into leftfield and experimental beats territory, plus the usual collection of ambient and neo-kosmiche weapons.

Jonah Sharp from Spacetime Continuum, Juju & Jordash, plus Move D make up the new analog supergroup The Mulholland Free Clinic, and some of the tracks selected and friends contributing were branches from those collaborations and labels.

Released 15 April 2017 / Air Texture
1-01. Spacetime Continuum – Flux
1-02. Move D – Gli Ragazzi Di Baia Di Puolo
1-03. Fred P – Vortex
1-04. Patrice Scott – Synchronicity
1-05. Kit n C.L.A.W.S. – Vieil océan, ô grand célibataire
1-06. I:Cube – Revel
1-07. Sunshine Jones – Lelek
1-08. Claude Young – Fukui Morning
1-09. Tragic Selector (Terre Thaemlitz, Daisuke Tadokoro) – A Dialogue With Gravity
1-10. Velocette – Petite Mort
1-11.AYBEE – Purpose Awakening
1-12. Rrose – Tongue Piece
2-01. Planet Love – 9.14
2-02. Magic Mountain High – Doobieatics
2-03. Autre – Seven Armed Drummer
2-04. Gravity’s Angel (Afrikan Sciences) – Billy Esq. Goes Legit
2-05. Max D – Want We
2-06. Anto – Untitled
2-07. Magic Mountain High – Smeared Textures
2-08. Ilya Ziblat & Roberto Garretón – The Voices (Spooky Mix)
2-09. Ma Spaventi – Disoriented
2-10. Juju & Jordash – Twenty Bars
2-11. Donato Dozzy – Valentina
2-12. Gigi Masin – The Amber Room


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