Special Request mixes FABRICLIVE 91 – a journey of heightened emotions, from the lush into the realm of the unhinged

As an artist, Special Request, aka Paul Woolford, has crossed a multitude of spheres spanning genres, decades and scenes. A wealth of musical influence in his childhood provided strong cultivation of his character, being born of a jazz drummer and growing up with his adoptive father’s fascinating record collection, along with an innate passion to create from his early years, paving the way for him to craft an intense musical path. Radio was a key part of his influences; as a teenager he was constantly listening, absorbing and recording sounds he found interesting, something that rapidly escalated into an obsession when he discovered pirate stations by complete accident.

This mix is about heightened emotions and making them as contrasting and intense as they can be – I wanted to create something lush that slowly moves into the realm of the unhinged. There were no moments of doubt, which is rare with studio mixes. Usually there is some trepidation and soul-searching, but I felt no pressure this time. Beyond the tracks themselves, the overarching idea was that it needed to hold the power of suggestion. So you hear the textures collide and the sensations unlock like valves. For the most part it was recorded and mixed by hand, vinyl & files, so you can feel the traction from time to time. There’s some editing on occasion, only where it absolutely demanded it. I wanted it to feel as live as it could be, with all the momentary tension that entails.

24 March 2017 / fabric Records
01. Aleksi Perälä – UK74R1619170 [AP Musik]
02. Special Request – Telepathic Dog [Houndstooth]
03. Caustic Window – Cordialatron [Rephlex]
04. DJ Stingray – Solitude [Unknown To The Unknown]
05. Plastician – The Lift [Terrorhythm]
06. Special Request – Psychic Vampires [Houndstooth]
07. Claro Intelecto – Peace Of Mind [Ai]
08. Polygon Window – Audax Powder [Warp]
09. Abul Mogard – Desires Are Reminiscences By Now [Ecstatic]
10. Dexter – No More [Klakson]
11. 214 – Frostbite [Frustrated Funk]
12. Alden Tyrell – Obsession Btz [Clone]
13. Stanislav Tolkachev – See You Tomorrow [Mord]
14. Special Request – Redrum (Thrash Mix) [Houndstooth]
15. Stefan Vincent – Aquilae [Dynamic Reflection]
16. Special Request – The True Knot [Houndstooth]
17. Cristian Vogel – Atomic Layers [Sub Rosa]
18. Shapednoise Feat. Justin K Broadrick – Enlightenment [Type]
19. Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs (Remix) [2015 Remaster] [Razors Edge]
20. Forest Drive West – Turtle Break [Rupture]
21. Special Request – Replicant [Houndstooth]
22. Rood Project – Thunder [Whitehouse]
23. Special Request – Stairfoot Lane Bunker [Houndstooth]
24. DJ Trace & Nico – Monkeys (DJ Future & Eric Electric VIP) [117]
25. Keith Fullerton Whitman – Stereo Music For Serge Modular Part Two [Kranky]
26. Nolige – Adrenaline (2016 Edit) [Foundation X]
27. ASC – (Event #4) [Samurai Red Seal]
28. Mika Vaino – Omertà [raster-noton]
29. Carl Craig – Technoloambient (Max Dub) [Planet E]
30. Abul Mogard – Desires Are Reminiscences By Now [Ecstatic]


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