Anna Naklab “Future Me”

anna-naklab-future-meIf the future me went back in time and told me I was deaf and blind to let you go!”

After “Coming Up” in December 2016 the second trick follows quick and stands there for a fresh start, perfectly fitting for the first quarter of 2017. With her new single “Future Me” Anna Naklab is releasing a hymn for the personal development and the progress of one’s own after traveling back into the past: what would you do, if you could envisage the future? What, if the future I could guide me and give me advice? One thing’s for sure: “No regrets, do i mean it?”, but “Please guide me future me!”. Having self-doubts is quite normal, but they’re inscrutable and a healfy self conception of oneselft can help to guide the right way: “Please Guide me, future me!”

Also musically the multi-platinum awarded singer is showing out of what she’s made of. With her usual aplomb her gracious voice Naklab is carrying the track with the help of polyphnic vocals and choir-like backings. Instrumentally on the other side there’s also a lot happening: supporting keys, 80s like drum samples and a catchy Marimba-Hook are making the piece to a classical pop number on the highest leve, ideally fitting for the stations out there!

With her new single Anna Naklab creates her familiar hit potential and keeps it on a high level. After “Supergirl”, “Wicked Games”, “Hush”, “Whole” and the just in December released “Coming Up”, “Future Me” is meanwhile the sixth track in Naklab’s repertoire, which is again showing another facet of her musical expressiveness.


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