Akcent feat. Amira – Gold (Official Video)

International acclaimed act Akcent aims for top spots in radio charts with his “Gold” brand new single.

“Gold” is the result of a carefully studied equation that combines fascinating inviting rhythms, modern trap elements, oriental vibes and love lyrics, all glued together by Akcent Music’s trademark sounds.

This new song is a collaboration with talented artist Amira, whose voice brought an unique flavour to the beats and sensual presence to the track.

The video for “Gold” was filmed in a luxury location in Oman, Dunes by Al Nadha and Muscat, a scenery that came to life from the ever so popular story “1001 nights”. It proved to be the perfect background for the exotic love story that sees Akcent seek the Morgana mirage embodied by Amira. The architecture and the natural scene have both been witnesses to the flirty game of love between the artists.

Akcent has put a lot of his creative efforts in order to give back to the fans that have shown so much support and appreciation a true work of art.

A great international collaboration, “Gold” is here to conquer the world!


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