The Madrigal — Sunflower(Stream)

the-madrigal-sunflowerNon-conforming, we don’t give a damn aloofness… Welcome to The Madrigal. This kooky tune was conceived in the smoke-filled uni-jam sessions of these two Irish mateys. Inspired by their youthful view on the world, they marched to the beat of their own drum to make something truly special.

The result is an earthy mixture of ethereal Celtic flutes bleeding into hazy Middle Eastern melodies, all underlaid with hard and heavy drums. This is the kind of kaleidoscopic mix of sounds heard back in the day at the sunsets of the Cafe Del Mar Ibiza. You can almost see the light on the water, taste the cocktails and feel that magical vibe…
[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3755854682 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]


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