Klute returns after 4 year’s,new album “Read Between The Lines” Out March 31+Tour

klute-read-between-the-lines-lpFollowing on from his last album The Draft, Tom Withers returns after 4 year’s with his 8th Klute album Read Between The Lines. Aided by Stamina MC, Robert Manos & hotly tipped new comer vocalist Naomi Pryor, adding to what is already being seen as one of Klute’s best albums yet.

Drumming is Klute’s core artistry, having nagged his Mum to buy a drum set at 12. He sang, drummed and wrote in renowned 80’s Skate punk band The Stupids, favourites of John Peel, David Bowie and NME cover stars. Klute has maintained status as one of dance music’s most outstanding, original artists , particularly within the DnB scene. with high-profile releases on his own label Commercial Suicide as well as as: Hospital Records, Metalheadz, Ninja Tune, Shogun Audio, Soul:r, 31 Records and more.

Written in a stone hut on the Shetland Islands over the course of 2016, Klute soon realised he needed more than a bongo and a Ukulele to bring his vision to fruition. Plans for a 6 month residency at Air Lyndhurst Studios were placed on hold after calls were not returned, so, retreating to his PBJ Studio, with the help of the revolutionary SubPac sub bass simulator, a computer and a Wessington Howarth Foundation grant for the incompetent, he churned out his new LP. Klute’s superlative poly rhythms and deeply melancholic melodies are central to this 15 track set and, in tradition with every Klute album, music doesn’t stop at Drum & Bass. Klute’s love affair with a vast array of influences shine through every note and beat. Elements of Techno, Soundtracks, Library, Shoegaze, Experimental Jazz, 60’s psychedelia and Ambient soundscapes scatter across his entire work.

Read Between The Lines
[Suicidecd018/ Suicidelp018.]
01 Come To The End (ft. Naomi Pryor)
02 Lose My Way (ft. Stamina MC)
03 You Won’t Like It
04 Soul Boy
05 Angel Makers
06 Earth Spits Out The Living
07 Accept Our Power (ft. Klute)
08 Lost Sales
09 Crimson
10 The Dreams
11 Game Is Over (ft. Robert Manos)
12 Clappy
13 Psycho Subvert
14 The Power Of The Light
15 We Will Return
My main objective was to make a record that’s equally exciting to listen to both loudly and quietly – equal parts physical and mental. The title: “Read Between The Lines” is urging to look beyond face value, not just in my music, but with everything you experience in life. This album grows with you the more you listen and experience it. The surface layers reveal all manner of underlying textures and feelings. I’m immensely proud of this work and really believe people will enjoy it.” – Klute

15th March – Album Launch, Soul In Motion, London.
24th March – Margate
6th April – Elements, Boston
7th April – Imperial, Philadelphia
8th April – Dallas
9th April – Stamina, San Francisco
11th April – Tuesdays, Seattle
13th April – Respect, Los Angeles
14th April – Washington DC
15th April – Pittsburgh
29th April – Backlash, London
tommy-bw-13 Klute


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