G Girls – Milk & Honey (Official Video)


GGirls are back with a new single titled “Milk and Honey”.
For this song, GGirls are INNA, Antonia, Lori Ciobotaru and Lariss, all four sexy and stylish artists, while the song marks their creative and playful personalities.
“Milk and Honey” is written and produced by Marco&Seba (Marcel Botezan, Sebastian Barac, the ones who produced INNA’s all time biggest hits and also recent ones like “Gimme Gimme”, “Heaven”), Breyan Isaac, INNA, Lariss and David Ciente.
I’m glad we are releasing the second GGirls song. We had a lot of fun on set at the video of “Milk and Honey”. I have the coolest colleagues. I love GGirls!”, said INNA.
I love GGirls project, the songs we release and I can’t wait for you to hear “Milk and Honey”, said Antonia.
This is my first collaboration with GGirls, I had a lot of fun with the girls, we had a great time and I hope you will enjoy this video“, said Lariss.
GGirls, always on a good vibe, positive, a lot of fun! “Milk and Honey” is a song that I liked from the first time I heard it in the studio and I’m glad to present to you a new single”, said Lori Ciobotaru.
The first song of GGirls is titled “Call the Police” and was written bu Eric Turner, with whom INNA worked for “BOP BOP”, Julimar Santos Oliveira Neponunceno, Marcel Botezan and Sebastian Barac (Marco&Seba), Romanian producers who did most of INNA’s hits, also for AKON “Hypnotized” and “BOM BIDI BOM” of Nicki Minaj and Nick Jonas.
First GGirls was with INNA, Antonia, Alexandra Stan and Lori Ciobotaru.


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