Listen:T.Raumschmiere "Wacker" from new album "Heimat" (Out May 19 via Kompakt )


t-raumschmiere-wackerBerlin’s own Marco Haas aka T.RAUMSCHMIERE made an irreparable impression globally in the 00’s as a sawtoothed, ANTI-rave radical thanks to his immense stage antics and larger-than-life releases on Novamute. Since then, Haas has established himself as a contemporary with emotive, dark ambient tales on his own imprints Shitkatapult/Albumlabel.

On May 19, 2017, KOMPAKT will release T.RAUMSCHMIERE’s new, epic solo full-length HEIMAT. It presents another side of his work which was always there, but never got that much airtime: the artist, the author, the composer with the crystal-clear sound. HEIMAT is a stunning techno album that neither excludes Ambient, nor gets reduced to constant ass kicking. It’s perhaps the best recording so far from this man who asks so deeply, so extensively, so much. And at some point even answers.
01. A1. Zum Monday
02. A2. Jaguar
03. B1. Wacker
04. B2. Stoli
05. C1. Le Fux
06. C2. Juli
07. D1. Amina
08. D2. Zwerg

Marco Haas
Marco Haas


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