Dorj reveals video for Thunder and announces Hipnotized EP

DORJ is an exciting new singer songwriter/producer fresh out of Tel Aviv who has just released the video for his new single Thunder.
Thunder, one of the songs that features on DORJ’s forthcoming EP, Hipnotized, is a soulful, RnB-infused slice of modern pop, co-produced by Israeli producer Shuzin (Ester Rada, 3421).

DORJ describes the inspiration of the track as being about, ‘An exploration of a person’s wills and desires, and the elements that drive our motivations in our daily lives. ‘Thunder’ is an optimistic song and a beckoning to “fly as you are”, which is essentially the key to the song – that the only way to grow and discover your true inner essence is by self-acceptance and learning to love who you are’.

Hipnotized EP Tracklisting
1. Thunder
2. Hipnotized
3. Round
4. Blame
5. Right X Wrong


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