Abstraxion , Kasper Bjørke -Matin/Nuit on Biologic Records


Abstraxion and Kasper Bjørke return for their second collaboration on DC Salas and Abstraxion’s Biologic Records imprint. ‘Matin/Nuit’ is a 3-track EP out in April.
Biologic records aim to explore the relationship between organic and analogue, natural and urban. This idea of polarity is addressed here through the themes of morning and night.
‘Matin’ is a ten-minute journey through a glistening landscape. Celestial arpeggios and subtle dissonances are grounded by a hypnotic bassline and restrained percussion. ‘Ivre’ (drunk) takes an emotive turn. Disorienting acid bass winds its way through mournful harmonies and overcast melodies, held together by a spirited rhythmic pattern.
‘Nuit’, naturally, progresses into darker territory. There are familiar elements of disco, but they’ve been mangled to create something far more twisted. Drums take the lead, punctuated by assertive bass stabs and ominous chords that howl through cavernous acoustics.
‘Matin/Nuit’ explores seemingly familiar themes without the use of cliché, employing a diverse range of sound manipulation techniques to paint vivid imagery.
14 April 2017 / Biologic Records
A1. Matin
A2. Nuit
B1. Ivre


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