TEEFF – Sun Sets East(Video)

Sounds like an unexpected, overwhelming affinity with a total stranger in the dim light of an ending party; intimate, uninhibited and enigmatic. Ooozing with honesty, TEEFF combines wavy soundscapes with swaying beats in a contemporary resurrection of 00s RnB. She is a vocalist, songwriter and producer who extends her creativity into all aspects of the project to create symbiotic sonic and visual harmony.

Her live debut complete with an integrated atmospheric light show was in November 2016 a full 2 ½ years on from when her previous outfit, the hotly-tipped Us Baby Bear Bones, disappeared from view. So far she has supported Daedelus and Cut_ and has already been tipped by The 405 as one to watch out for in 2017.

TEEFF’s debut EP ‘Who Are You, Really?’ will be released on Love Thy Neighbour on 31st March 2017 both digitally and as an enamel tooth, each of which has been individually decorated and customised by the artist.
The idea behind the EP is that people are a manifestation of their accumulated experiences and everything that anyone says is a clue to what they’ve been through. Songs are clues left by people, there to be dissected and explored. Seemingly unrelated, people can be identified by their dental records which leads us to the single tooth given with the EP. It is a clue, just like the songs, a clue about the identity of the person who wrote them.

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