Listen:Joakim – Samurai ( Meditation Tunnel Remix)


This is the first ever release from Meditation Tunnel, the new electronic music project from former The Rapture frontman, Luke Jenner.
Luke shares a room in Joakim’s studio in Brooklyn and they have been working together on Luke’s upcoming solo material. Besides writing music for his solo project, Luke has started making house and techno tunes under the name Meditation Tunnel as well as collaborating on a side-project with Dj Tennis from Life & Death.

Today, Joakim shares his 6th album Samurai. A landmark release in his extensive back catalogue (Tropics of Love, Nothing Gold, Fantomes), the latest LP presents a personal and conceptual body of work about the artist’s journey between NY, Tokyo and Paris.
Inspired by a range of influences from the literary (Mishima’s ‘Hagakure: Samurai Ethics & Modern Japan’) to the sonic (home-made electronic and “new age”’ style music) and the circumstantial (Japan and New York), Samurai is a mixture of pop songs (‘Samurai’, ‘Numb’ and ‘Exile’) and instrumental set pieces (‘In The Beginning’, ‘Hope/Patience’) that conjure a sonic “neo-noir” landscape traversing between both conservative and forward thinking ideals.
The album is built like an unknown city, you walk through it, making random turns, getting lost, some corners may bring back memories, you’re getting away from something and at the same time you’re on a quest

Samurai is OUT NOW
Samurai Tracklist:
1. In The Beginning
2. Samurai
3. Numb
4. Late Night New City
5. Green Echo Mecha
6. Cannibale Pastorale
7. Exile
8. Through The Prospect Park Arch
9. Time Is Wrong
10. Mind Bent
11. Jocho
12. Not Because You’re Sad
13. Hope / Patience
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