HOTT MT "At Night in Chinatown" (Video)


LA-based experimental pop duo HOTT MT shares their video for “At Night in Chinatown”
The song is from their forthcoming new album ‘AU’ (Alternate Universe,) out May 4th via their own label Mutation Records.
The video was shot at their own warehouse space in Los Angeles, Non Plus Ultra, which was recently shut down. The duo says of their recent loss, “All of us at Non Plus Ultra have been together for years. Our ideals brought us together, and we built a space and a business on them. Non Plus Ultra showed us that we aren’t alone in our desires. There are so many people in this town who share our values. We’ve made and lost spaces before, but this time we’ve got an incredible support system.”

01. Darkness Repeats
02. At Night in Chinatown
03. Queen of Shapes
04. The Many Colored Death
05. Ivory Tower
06. Tournament I
07. Tournament II
08. Dead Man I Xayide feat. Grant Cabeza de Vaca
09. Dead Man II Starcluster
10. Dead Man III Battle
11. Old Emperors
12. Ready to Feel Good Again
13. Tranceforming
14. Starheart
15. 24 Hour
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